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I loveeee this top



I loveeee this top

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the other day we were discussing dating and this one dude was like “I don’t see the big deal why can’t people just ask people out without all the fuss” and another guy was like “well you get nervous and you get butterflies in your stomach ya know” and the first dude looked the other dude straight in the eye and said “DIGEST THEM.”

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"I used to indulge myself in dreams of you
Your smile
Your laugh
Your existance
Only to search for you apon awakening
My dreams were no longer truth
You were no longer here
Your smile
Your laugh
Your existance
Taken from here
I have learned to not dream of you
For the pain of having and losing
Night and night again
Is too much
Instead I slowly forget
Your smile
Your laugh
Your existance”

"I do not need someone to complete me
but if you wanted to
we could walk next to each other
into whatever is coming next."

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princess on the streets. also a princess in the sheets. dont touch me im royalty.

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Healthy flourless chickpea blondies! Made with almond butter, dark chocolate, chickpeas, and raw honey :) stuck to the recipe (except for switching from maple syrup to raw honey, the recipe is originally vegan). Also the baking time took longer than the recipe called for, but they firmed up to the perfect texture once they cooled down. They’re freakin delicious!

Here’s the original recipe:

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Baked egg in tomato…RECIPE

Brilliant and easy breakfast idea!

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"You remind me of the sea. You come and go, swiftly destroying my existence with each wave of empty promises. I should have learned how to swim after all this time, but I continue to let you drown me."

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I need to live here

I need to live here

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Making some badass omelets with spinach and peppers :)